Tinted Moisturiser vs BB/CC cream: The differences


Summer in Australia means that we have to pay extra attention to our skin, so when we were in Thailand recently, we packed a whole slew of SPF30+ and SPF50+products for the trip. Amongst the products we packed for our face, we noticed that we had a Ultraceuticals CC Cream and their Tinted Moisturiser – both had a SPF30+.

This of course had a few questions questioning how well (or badly) we packed for our holiday, and asking what the diffs the difference between a BB/CC Cream and a tinted moisturiser actually is.

So we thought we would ask Alycia Lucas, Regional Training Manager at Ultraceuticals for her thoughts.

What is the difference between a BB cream, CC cream and a Tinted Moisturiser?

Originally the BB cream was a blemish balm developed in Asia to assist with covering blemishes and uneven skin. The greater cosmetic world took on the concept and BB became beauty balms, mostly moisturiser SPF and foundation combined.

A CC cream is for complete correction, the point of difference is a combination of cosmeceutical ingredients (like hyperpigmentation blockers, peptides and antioxidants) and technology blended with moisturiser and SPF broad spectrum components.

Tinted moisturiser is similar to a BB cream in that it is usually a moisturiser with a hint of colour or tint to even out the skin tone. BB is cosmetic, CC is cosmeceutical (a corrective skincare that also covers and conceals like a foundation).

What is the difference between the Ultraceuticals CC cream and the tinted moisturiser?

The Ultraceuticals Tinted moisturiser is our classic SPF30+ moisturiser with a tint to even out the skin tone. Our CC cream has a therapeutic moisturiser component based on biomimetic technology that repairs and maintains the skins lipid barrier which acts as our natural defence against aggression like bacteria pollution that can stress a sensitise the skin as well as extra skincare benefits of Niacinamide and Panthenol essential for skin health.

Our tinted CC cream will give your skin so much more than a tinted moisturiser. Formulated with the best of Ultraceuticals technology it will correct brighten hydrate and conceal cover and protect your skin.

Our thoughts about BB/CC cream vs Tinted Moisturiser

Ever since BB creams became a hit in the western cosmetics market, we have been obsessively trailing BB (and not CC) creams constantly. There haven’t been many BB creams we have stuck with obsessively but here are a few others we couldn’t live without in our makeup bag.