Watch out for the latest Armani chocolates: Armani Fondente


The guys over at Armani like to make it hard to squeeze into their gorgeous designs with the Armani/Dolci offerings. Their latest collection, Armani Fondente – Special Edition is the first in a series of four limited edition chocolates and already has our mouths watering.

If your mouth isn’t watering yet, let me tell you more about the Armani Fondente chocolates:

  • Strutturato, with its rich, powerful aroma
  • Vellutato, with its delicate hints of vanilla
  • Elegante, a sophisticated blend of tart flavours and full body
  • Contemporaneo, blending tobacco and woody notes with fresh hints of fruit.

Sounds like I’m talking about coffee, but these perfectly square pralines with the Armani ‘A’ in relief is made from a selection of the best cocoas surprisingly blended to create four different types of dark chocolate, four refined versions of Giorgio Armani’s favorite chocolate.

Armani Dark Chocolate distils the essence of Armani quality, taste and lifestyle in a square of chocolate. Chocolates are collected in an elegant, precious box with a bronze sheen, lined with silks in pearly hues and decorated with a special metal plate. A

The Armani Fondente – Special Edition chocolates will go on sale in October in all Armani/Dolci stores and online at