Travel Beauty tips with MAC’s Amber D to take from Winter to Summer


Every winter is the same for everyone – we sit at our desks or at home as it rains and blows a blistering gale outside and day dream about sitting on a sunny beach somewhere. Of course, what we forget is that sunny beach places are also full of humidity which can be a killer on our skin and make up routine. So before we (pretend) to run away for a tropical getaway, we spoke to one of our favourite makeup artists, Amber D, MAC Cosmetics’ Senior Artist Australia & New Zealand.

Following Amber on Instagram is basically like travelling all around the world to some of the most fancy fashion shows and exotic locations – without ever having to endure long plane rides and packing nightmares. She recently escaped the Australian winter with trips to Miami and then China for work and we had to pick her brain for some winter to summer beauty tips.

Beauty insider tips with Amber D

How do you prepare a beauty kit to take you from winter to humid summer heat?

My beauty routine when I’m travelling doesn’t change at all really as I’ve been travelling so regularly that I just don’t have time to change it up each time. All too often I go to different seasons in one trip like the last one where I spent a week in New Zealand before travelling onto Miami which can be tricky packing!! I think I’ve worked out what works best trans-seasonally so my life is much easier!

What do you pack when you go away?

Always great skincare and a super basic makeup selection, I’m not one for wearing a ton of makeup.

  • MAC Fix + spray is a godsend, I have the travel size in my carry-on bag and a full size in my makeup bag, perfect for keeping the skin hydrated at all times.
  • MAC Pro Longwear Concealer is my essential base product. It is sheer enough to blend out easily but simply won’t move meaning even if I’m somewhere hot it stays.
  • MAC Extended Play Mascara is made to be humidity proof and I love the thin precise brush to avoid clumping lashes.
  • Bright MAC lipsticks to feel summery or more wintery. I always have about 6 shades in my bag. Essentials at the moment are Ruby Woo, Candy Yum Yum and Cyber. MAC Lip conditioner doesn’t leave my carry-on bag – I have one that stays there so I don’t forget it!
  • MAC Prep & Prime loose powder to take away unwanted shine and to blur out the appearance of fine lines and pores, excellent for all climates as it’s so light it’s pretty much invisible.
  • MAC Lightful brightening serum to keep skin hydrated and plump, dedicated use also helps reduce pigmentation marks and is small enough to put in your carry-on bag.

When you’re on holidays, how do you take your face from day to night? Should you redo the entire face?

I never ever do a full redo, I usually like the way my skin looks after wearing makeup all day, kind of dewy and sheeny. I would just touch up, re groom my eyebrows with a little MAC Clear brow set, re powder where needed and maybe smudge some black eye kohl through the lash line for a little more drama. If it’s somewhere hot I’d use MAC Graphblack technikohl so it stays in place but can be more smudgy and rock n roll.

What products do you pack for the plane?

MAC Fix+ Spray, MAC lip conditioner, MAC extended play mascara, a MAC crème blush I can use on my cheeks or lips, OPI cuticle oil, 1above flight water concentrate, my insane Japanese eye drops that burn like peppermint in your eyes then give you the clearest eyes ever!


How to prepare a beauty kit to take you from winter to humid summer heat? How did you survive the humidity in Miami?

I try not to fight it, I like it when my skin doesn’t look too matte so I swear by anything MAC Pro Longwear – concealer, eye shadows and lip pencils especially.

What are your Miami shopping tips?

Shopping in Miami is cool, I always go to the Bal Harbour Mall for luxury design stores as well as great department stores like Saks Fifth Ave and Neiman Marcus. The Miami art district is a must with a visit to Celine and Margiela plus the cool store front of the Louis Vuitton there.

I always love to rummage around Ricky’s beauty supply store for all kinds of unusual makeup supplies.