The Way Way Back: A movie to pull at your heart strings

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It has been a while since I have been to the movies, so much so I had forgotten how much it is to go with a girlfriend and escape reality for a little while. Last week we went to a preview screening of The Way Way Back, a coming-of-age movie starring the likes of Toni Collette, Steve Carell, Alison Janning, Anna Sophia Robb, Amanda Peet and newcomer Liam James.

All accomplished actors in their own right, we tend to think of Steve Carell as an awesome comedic actor and of course Anna Sophia Robb plays a young Carrie Bradshaw in the Carrie Diaries, but we see them with fresh new eyes in The Way Way Back.

In a world full of action and superhero movie remakes, it was a refreshing tale of a young boy whose summer vacation by the beach was anything but relaxing and fun. Until Duncan, played by Liam James, comes across a water park and makes an unexpected friend in the gregarious Owen, the water parks owner. It is through this friendship and some other events throughout the movie that slowly brings out Duncan’s self-confidence and personality.

We often think of summer as a carefree time where we enjoy the sun and learn more about ourselves and our loved ones, but the film really got us thinking about how we should always treat others like we want to be treated. Life is tough, if we can all take some time out of our day to bring a smile to the face of someone, it makes the world a nicer place. It can be as little as buying a friend an ice cream or sending them an email of a meme that you know they will love.

A heart-warming film that my friend and I giggling and feeling like our heart strings were being pulled in all (good) directions, it reminded us to always be ourselves and not let anyone get us down, we definitely think you should check out The Way Way back when it hits cinemas in Australia on August 1st, 2013.

Watch The Way Way Back trailer below.

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