Talking digital convergence in Australia with Sophia Phan in #Fashion


I often get asked how blogging has changed over the years, but I couldn’t even summarise what it has been like to have been blogging for over a decade, let alone say in a sentence or two how the whole industry has changed. So when Sophia Phan, a budding journalist and fellow blogger, asked to speak to me about how the fashion media and industry has a whole has changed, I was intrigued and agreed to be filmed for her final Journalism assignment at UTS.

An interesting topic that is timely and one that needs to be discussed more often, Sophia pulled together an impressive list of interviewees for her short feature, speaking to the likes of Edwina McCannn, editor in chief of Vogue Australia, jewellery designer and social media enthusiast Samantha Wills, Andrew Egan, General Manager for the Myer Group at Ogilvy Australia, street style photographer extraordinare Phil Oh from Street Peeper and our dear friend and fellow blogger/online editor, Natasha Williams from Breakfast With Audrey.

While I cringe and can’t stand to watch myself on film, you should definitely watch the video below and let us know your thoughts!

[youtube id=”Lg_bIUqHV78″ width=”600″ height=”338″]

Our final thoughts?

The fashion industry has no doubt changed a lot in the last few years thanks to digital. Everything from retail to media has had to evolve and change the way they sell and market their product in order to survive. In the battle of the fittest, or the most digitally savvy, only the best will survive.