Exclusive first look at Lovage magazine’s first print edition editorial by Laura Bray

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When Lovage Magazine first launched into the Australian scene last November, it was a digital only publication, pulled together by a young team of fashion publishing enthusiasts. Less than a year later, Lovage is getting ready to launch their first print edition in August and we have the exclusive first look at their cover editorial.

Shot by Christine Ai and styled by Laura Bray, the magazine’s Senior Editor, the editorial is a contemporary look at 1950’s fashion with brands like Stella McCartney, Trelise Cooper, Alexander Wang, Maticevski and Alexander McQueen featured.

Lovage Magazine Issue 3: Cover Editorial

We chatted to Laura about what it was like to pull together a print edition after two issues of digital editions, and here’s what she had to say:

When I started on the journey for Issue 3 it was obvious the pressure was on a little bit more than usual. While compiling the content for an online magazine is incredibly exciting, it can sometimes feel a little disconnected. You see the finished product on your screen and you watch the sales tick over, but you can never hold it in your hands, feel the weight of what you’ve just spent months putting together. Knowing that in a few short months I’d be holding our first print edition in my hands made creating the content all the more exciting.

For us the biggest issue was how we were really going to up our game. We’d already been working our butts off and were incredibly proud with what we’d created. How to best yourself? First thing we knew needed to change was our beauty section needed to get bigger, and we wanted to introduce a culture section. A culture section is so much fun to compile as it really can have almost anything in it. While I can’t give too much away before our August release, I can tell you we got to meet with some really cool people to put it together.

However, the most fun part of working for a magazine is always the editorial shoots. For our cover shoot for Issue 3 we were inspired by all things 50’s. This season countless designers have found inspiration from this iconic era and it was such a blast taking themes from this decade and working them into something contemporary and wearable for our readers. My favourite piece from this shoot had to be the McQueen dream. Made to skim the figure in a bubblegum pink, it really is my dream piece and as a stylist an absolute thrill to work with. I think the feminine shapes and vibrant colours really were a perfect choice for our first print edition and we’re all very proud to present it to you now.

Check out Lovage Magazine now. The first print edition is available for preorder here now.