Martin Grant for Qantas casts real staff for uniform reveal; Miss J Alexander coaches models

It has been almost two years in the making for the hard working team at Qantas Airways, tasked with the job firstly to find a designer who would take the airlines uniform to the next level, then working with their ‘chosen one’ – the Paris based Australian, Martin Grant – to create something truly original and fresh.

With the designs finalised and set to be revealed tomorrow, the airline had long ago decided that the runway models would be their own staff members, showcasing the 35 different styles set to be worn by the thousands of Qantas staff worldwide. The casting process was done earlier this year when Martin was back in Australia for a final production and fitting meeting, together with his good friend and stylist Catherine Baba, the pair cast a group of 36 Qantas staff members who showcase the uniforms to the public for the first time tomorrow morning.

But what do you when you have a group of inexperienced soon-to-be-models set to walk the runway? You bring in a modelling coach of course. And as it happens, Martin happened to know the best in the business – Miss J Alexander from America’s Next Top Model fame. He has been credited as teaching the likes of Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell how to strut their stuff with some meaning and was eager to start putting the staff through their paces – literally. He delighted the models and the onlookers (us included) with his comical faces which depicted his thoughts on certain struts (or lack thereof) and then showed off his skills when presented with a birthday cake to celebrate his birthday on Friday.

And what about the uniforms?

Well we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see… but we can tell you that the finished design was met with cheers over the weekend when it was revealed to the Qantas runway models over the weekend.

Watch Miranda Kerr and the Qantas staff ‘models’ take to the runway during the live reveal tomorrow morning – April 16th 10:45am AEST on or on the Qantas Facebook Page. We’ll also reveal our insights and behind the scenes photos right here tomorrow at 10:45am.



Helen Lee is the Official Qantas Fashion Correspondent.