MBFWA: Jayson Brunsdon celebrates ten years with the grand ‘Obsession’ collection


It seems that MBFWA 2013 has been the week for fashion anniversaries. First it was Camilla and Marc and Aurelio Costarellaand today it was Jayson Brunsdon who was celebrating ten years in the industry. From the moment we took our seats at the show, the lights dimmed and the crowd fell to a near silence, we knew we were in for something special.

Titled ‘Obsession,’ the collection was a grand display of all that Brunsdon is, well, obsessed with. Citing mid century couture and cinema as inspiration for his latest offerings, Brunsdon clearly designs with something special in mind.

“I design for a woman as if she is an actress in a beautiful film,” Brunsdon said.

“The proportions are fractured, romance is suggested, but the strength of individuality is core to the collection. The modern woman is layered. She is never one muse, one suggestion. But she is always, for me, the star of cinematic couture.”

Brunsdon’s vision was clear throughout the entirety of a collection that was ultimately polished perfection and a dream to see come to life. Models slinked down the runway as loud, slow music added to the sense of drama and grandeur, while fashion royalty Jennifer Hawkins sat front row just days after wearing one of Brunsdon’s designs to the Logies. Heavy silks, metallics, lace, tweed and tulle were rampant here, and there was certainly no shortage of beaded and sequinned embellishments. A sense of royalty permeated throughout the collection, with deep violet, navy, red and emerald hues being dominant.

For the entire 45 stunning looks, it felt as though we had been transported back in time to the set of a grand old film- possibly about a queen- surely just the way Brunsdon wanted.

[youtube id=”QgE1TyZ8I7E” width=”600″ height=”350″]