We’re attending L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2013 and our chat with Megan Gale!


There is no doubt about it, Megan Gale is a glamazon. So it comes as no surprise that the Australian model/actress was chosen to be L’Oreal’s official face for L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. And this year we’ll be joining her, at Docklands in Melbourne as one of L’Oreal’s Official Bloggers for the week. Which for you means so much access that we’ll be reporting from some areas of LMFF that bloggers have yet to be allowed to sneak a camera into.

We recently had a quick chat with Megan Gale before her hectic schedule took her overseas to discuss all things beauty and LMFF. Check it out below.

You are the official face of the Festival for L’Oreal Paris this year… is that exciting for you?

It’s fantastic to be representing L’Oreal at LMFF for the second year running. It’s such a fun week and one of my highlights for the year as far as work goes. There are a lot of great events to attend throughout the week and I get to work with and meet such amazing people. Last year I got to work with L’Oreal Paris ambassador Amy Mullins who was inspirational, intelligent and loads of fun.

What are you looking forward to most about this year’s Festival?

We normally kick off the festival with the official welcome luncheon, which this year I will be hosting. It’s a great way to get a lot of the people who participate in the festival in one room and connect before the week really gets into full swing.

Do you have a specific regime – beauty and otherwise – in order to prepare for big event like LMFF?

I usually try and ensure that I’m well rested and energised before the week begins as I know my schedule will be quite hectic. So to achieve this I make sure I’ve consistently had a good nights sleep and had time to fit in some exercise as I know I could be too busy to fit it in later in the week.

If you could suggest one product every girl should have in their handbag what would it be? Why?

For me lipstick or lip gloss. It can just freshen up your whole face! The one I always carry with me is Glam Shine in Grenadine.

If you could share just one skincare tip to people who wants to have gorgeous skin like yours, what would it be?

I believe in looking after yourself well from within and that usually reflects on the exterior. This can involve eating healthy, drinking lots of water, not smoking, keeping alcohol consumption to a minimum, regular exercise and an adequate amount of sleep. For me, if I maintain a consistent level of well being and a good balance with all of these things, it shows in my skin and my overall appearance.

Thanks for your time Megan!

Sneak Peek: Some beauty looks Megan Gale will be rocking during LMFF




If you haven’t had enough of Megan, watch this stunning behind the scenes video from the L’Oreal LMFF 2013 Creative Shoot where Rae Morris creates some of the signature looks on Megan.


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