Karen Walker x Uniqlo = KW2 by Karen Walker

If you ever needed an excuse to spoil your nieces and nephews (or your own children), then I have the perfect one for you – Karen Walker is teaming up with Uniqlo to design a childrenswear line! Called KW2 by Karen Walker, the collection draws inspiration from the main Karen Walker line.

“We drew inspiration from the look of KAREN WALKER collections and with a little help from my five year old, Valentina, we picked out some of our beloved signature styles such as frill hem sweatshirt dresses and boat pants and restyled them for kids,” says Walker. “We then added plenty of fun new prints including super-­?cute maths grid biro doodles of flowers, a trumpet and of course, the KAREN WALKER bunny.”

With prices starting from US$16 the collection aims to bring fun back into affordable childrenswear. But fashionable mothers and girls don’t have to feel left out of this collection – KW2will also include a range of women’s t-shirts featuring eight different prints.

KW2 by Karen Walker for Uniqlo will drop into Uniqlo’s 262 premier stores around the world, including the US, Japan, China, UK and Hong Kong in April 2013.


  • Kim L. says:

    Aww this is too cute!!!! 🙂


  • Francesca says:

    Hey Helen thanks for your comment on my blog. You provided some great insight! I had no idea that the commission being taken off them was so high… outrageous! Anyways great post on this KW x UNIQLO collection. That’s SO good for Karen Walker! Although she’s from NZ I pretty much think she’s an Aussie haha…. I’m going to email this post to my office now because I work for the media agency who represents Uniqlo in Australia! Exciting piece of info here! xxx

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