Valentine’s Day: Movie night recommendations for the singles and coupled


Valentine’s Day: a romantic’s dream, Hallmark holiday, and popular romantic comedy starring Ashton Kutcher, McDreamy, Taylor squared (Swift & Lautner), Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel & Alba. February 14 is an important day for everybody. For people not in relationships, it reminds them that they’re not currently in a relationship. For people in relationships, it reminds them to buy copious amounts of chocolate, flowers, perfume and sexy lingerie*.

But you know what both statuses can enjoy? A good movie. Here’s my recommendations for what you should be watching this Thursday night, depending on your relationship status.

STATUS: Single

Who to watch it with: your best single girlfriends

Probably don’t indulge in a chick flick. Look for something with a strong, independent female character who makes it on her own without any much help or a man by her side. Here are my own personal recommendations:

  • The Hunger Games: an obvious choice
  • Magic Mike: no strong female characters per se, but lots of hot topless men
  • Silver Linings Playbook: probably cannot condense my adoration in a succinct statement, but it’s pretty much full of happiness and wanting to be happy.
  • Eat, Love, Pray: personally didn’t enjoy it but hey – Julia Roberts + eating + travelling around Europe = not bad?
  • Closer: because not all relationships are great and you’re better off alone, really
  • + every horror movie out because the couples are the first to go and the pure, single virgin always survives

STATUS: In A Relationship

Who to watch it with: your significant other

You may think romantic comedies are total bollocks and Nicholas Sparks is a bit of a tool, but something about this day brings out your inner crazy crying Carrie Matheson self. So many feelings. Why not pop these in the DVD/Blu-ray/VHS player:

  • The Notebook: Ryan Gosling for you and Rachel McAdams for him, duh.
  • Titanic: Classical reasons. Warning, you may have to reinaction the “I’m the King of the World” scene.
  • Love Actually: cue the cuteness and who doesn’t want to see Hugh Grant dancing?
  • Casablanca: it’s really long, so you probably need someone to sit it out with you, and it’s all lovey dovey

STATUS: It’s complicated

Who to watch it with: whomever and whatever you please

*according to the catalogues in my letterbox

By Sophia Phan. A freelance journalist who currently writes about film and fashion until she manages to land herself a job at Doctor Who. She also likes dinosaurs. Check out her blog,, and laugh at her jokes on Twitter.