In detail: Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013 at their Sydney Maison


Louis Vuitton, a brand that needs no introduction. Their runway collections are always a sight for sore eyes as Marc Jacobs creates a collection that is straight out of our day dreams while pushing the boundaries of set design. Who could forget the sight of the steam train that pulled into the ‘station’ for Fall 2012, the merry-go round for Spring 2012 and of course the set of escalators for the Spring 2013 collection? The beauty of Louis Vuitton for me has always been in the detail and it is detail they have in aplomb for the Spring 2013 collection.

The collection took inspiration from the iconic Louis Vuitton Damier print and made a return to the Sixties with chic shift dresses and easy separates in bright neon yellow and lush green checks. This refresh of the 125 year old Damier check was a modern spin on an old favourite, who last had a makeover back in 2006 when Louis Vuitton released the Damier Azur, a combination of a beige and blue/grey instead of the brown/black.

Last night we were invited to the Louis Vuitton maison in Sydney to preview the Spring/Summer 2013 collection before it drops into stores and it was definitely love at the first (close up) glance – details were so fine that a sequinned knitted top featured the world’s smallest sequins while the Damier check was miniaturised to create a subtle check pattern on a coat.

Then there was the Speedy Cube bag that was a little smaller and boxier than the classic Speedy, while the low heeled pumps with its Wider heel gave us food for thought when it comes to heel height this season. We weren’t sure about the Damier check dresses until we saw it on the likes of Kirsten Dunst and Jessica Alba recently, then last night the yellow Large Damier dress blew our minds. It looked so easy and so perfectly tailored on the model, with the look finished off with a matching yellow bow headband, East/West envelop bag and pumps.

If you get a chance, check out the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013 collection up close to see all in the subtle details you don’t notice on the runway.

LouisVuitton-SS13-SydneyMaison-08 LouisVuitton-SS13-SydneyMaison-01 LouisVuitton-SS13-SydneyMaison-03 LouisVuitton-SS13-SydneyMaison-04 LouisVuitton-SS13-SydneyMaison-07 LouisVuitton-SS13-SydneyMaison-06 LouisVuitton-SS13-SydneyMaison-05  LouisVuitton-SS13-SydneyMaison-02