Hair styles to create with Dry Shampoo (besides oil-free hair!)

When you don’t get service like this at home, dry shampoo can be your best friend.

It’s no secret that, when it comes to beauty, dry shampoo is a girl’s best friend. Whether you’re running late in the morning, sticking to a strict two-washes-a-week schedule or just want some added texture and grit in your hair, look no further than a can of dry shampoo.

Now, you all probably know that washing your hair every day is actually bad for it, right? Instead of getting the shiny, bouncing hair that you’re just dying to have, by washing it every day you’re actually stripping it of its natural oils, which can cause nasty damage further down the track. So, beauties, here lies the problem and here is where dry shampoo steps in.

It’s something that every girl should have in her handbag as a secret weapon for when an attack of the oil strikes, and it can take your hair from ick to slick in just a few sprays. We all knew that, right? But while it’s pretty easy to guess the everyday uses of dry shampoo, there’s a few little tricks that you can use to create some of the hottest hair trends that you may not know about.

For a chic and effortless braid / loose pony tail

Simply add some dry shampoo at the root and shake out your hair before weaving. The result? A voluminous braid that screams effortless glam. This is a great trick to also create the look and feel of thick hair as well. Obviously on not-too-oily locks.

For a bit of a twist, use a curling iron or a straightener to create loose waves and tie it back in a loose pony tail then use the 90s hair favourite, a Topsy Tail, to create an different look.


Sexy Beach Waves

Given that we’ve still got a few weeks left of summer, if there’s one hair style we love, it’s sexy yet casual beach waves. This is a particularly great style if you (like me!) have naturally wavy hair that you want a quick yet fashionable style for. For this style to work, simply spray the dry shampoo through your hair, scrunch it with your hands and shake loose for that casual, undone appeal.

Slick Ponytail

Finally, there’s the slicked back ponytail. Much like dry shampoo itself, this style also has that beauty-best-friend appeal and is perfect for unwashed hair that you just have to get out of your face. This style is perfect if you’re day two or three in to your wash, and is as easy as adding dry shampoo before combing back your hair to secure with a band.


Our five favourite Dry Shampoo’s

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Refresher Dry Shampoo
This is a two-in-one must-have product, not only because it perfectly absorbs dirt and leaves your hair feeling fresh, but it also gives you an extra boost of volume. Simply spray in, leave for a few moments, and then brush out. I usually tip my head upside down when brushing it out to give my roots an extra lift.

TRESemme Fresh Start 
Whether your hair is dry, oily or in the ‘normal’ family, this dry shampoo is ideal, especially if you suffer from frizz. This spray contains refreshing citrus extracts that leave your hair feeling as though you’ve just stepped out of a salon in just moments.

Cedel Normal and for Dark hair
Those of us with dark hair definitely know the perks of having a great dry shampoo nestled away in your bag. This one is perfect for fixing oily roots and doesn’t leave any white, powdery residue behind. It also comes in “regular” for non-dark haired girls.

Batiste Coloured
Another great option for those with darker hair, this Batiste product (much like Blush) smells amazing and won’t leave sneaky patches of white in your hair. Not only will it leave your hair looking freshly washed, but you’ll also have added volume and texture.

Klorane Extra Gentle
Containing oat milk, not only is this dry shampoo is perfect for those of you with a sensitive scalp, but it is also great for giving your hair some added volume from the roots when clean. Win-win!

What are your favourite dry shampoos? Do you use the product for any sneaky styling tricks?