A look at Gary Bigeni’s Autumn Winter 2013 collection: Solstice


One of my favourite Australian fashion designers, Gary Bigeni, is back to his best with his Autumn Winter 2013 collection. Entitled Solstice, the collection is full of the sports luxe style clothes that we have come to love and expect from the designer that is known for his crazy hair colours as well as his way with prints and draped dresses.

Both were mixed with clever floral and geometric prints, boxy jackets and sporty jumpers in a colour scheme of cobalt blue, acid green, muted pastels and black. The classic Bigeni draped dresses and skirts were updated with small twists with the t-shirt dress a welcome addition to a well-rounded offering. Printed shirts and tailored trousers had us wishing for the cooler months of the year, while the addition of a flippy skirt or two peaked our interest as well.

We loved the little touches too – making the clutches and belts in the same prints. Throw in some amazing styling  and this collection looks pretty lust worthy.

Gary-Bigeni-Lookbook-Autumn-Winter-13_email-2 Gary-Bigeni-Lookbook-Autumn-Winter-13_email-42 Gary-Bigeni-Lookbook-Autumn-Winter-13_email-41 Gary-Bigeni-Lookbook-Autumn-Winter-13_email-38 Gary-Bigeni-Lookbook-Autumn-Winter-13_email-36 Gary-Bigeni-Lookbook-Autumn-Winter-13_email-35 Gary-Bigeni-Lookbook-Autumn-Winter-13_email-31 Gary-Bigeni-Lookbook-Autumn-Winter-13_email-29 Gary-Bigeni-Lookbook-Autumn-Winter-13_email-26 Gary-Bigeni-Lookbook-Autumn-Winter-13_email-24 Gary-Bigeni-Lookbook-Autumn-Winter-13_email-23 Gary-Bigeni-Lookbook-Autumn-Winter-13_email-21 Gary-Bigeni-Lookbook-Autumn-Winter-13_email-20 Gary-Bigeni-Lookbook-Autumn-Winter-13_email-19 Gary-Bigeni-Lookbook-Autumn-Winter-13_email-18 Gary-Bigeni-Lookbook-Autumn-Winter-13_email-17 Gary-Bigeni-Lookbook-Autumn-Winter-13_email-15 Gary-Bigeni-Lookbook-Autumn-Winter-13_email-14 Gary-Bigeni-Lookbook-Autumn-Winter-13_email-13 Gary-Bigeni-Lookbook-Autumn-Winter-13_email-12 Gary-Bigeni-Lookbook-Autumn-Winter-13_email-9 Gary-Bigeni-Lookbook-Autumn-Winter-13_email-8 Gary-Bigeni-Lookbook-Autumn-Winter-13_email-7 Gary-Bigeni-Lookbook-Autumn-Winter-13_email-6 Gary-Bigeni-Lookbook-Autumn-Winter-13_email-5

Gary Bigeni A/W 2013 Look Book: Photography by Ted Odonnell, Creative Director Kelvin Harries, Model Annabelle Barber @ Chic.