Louis Vuitton teams up with Kerrie Hess for Ready-to-Cutout Paper Dolls


Luxury brands have always ignited my imagination, bringing a sense of childlike whimsy to my day as I dream about places I could wear their pieces to (a ballet in Paris, meeting a beau at midnight on top of the Empire State building, you know, the usual). So when Louis Vuitton revealed that they were collaborating with Australian fashion illustrator Kerrie Hess to bring to life their Ready to Wear Icons and Spring/Summer 2013 Collections I was even more excited than usual.

Hess was commissioned to bring to life the collection through four Louis Vuitton paper dolls for a playful story for Louis Vuitton’s online magazine NEWS. Beautifully illustrated, the collection and Hess could not have been a more perfect pairing with the versatility of the two collections. Long limbed and nonchalant, with inherent style and glamour, the dolls are to be seen in the images strutting and posing in front of Louis Vuitton stores around Paris.

You can get your own piece of this magical collaboration in high definition PDF through NEWS so you can bring back your childhood love of cutting and pasting in a luxury fashion way. While you’re downloading the PDF from NEWS, don’t forget to check out their video series – Taxi Encounters and City Gender – we’re kind of addicted.




Download the Louis Vuitton Paper Dolls here.