Pleasure State wants you to be Cleavagely Correct, Charlotte Dawson tells us her thoughts


We have all heard the saying “if you’ve got it, flaunt it”. And some women take it that advice and apply it to their dress sense and then some, especially when getting ready for a night out during this party season. Letting it all hang out begins to have a new meaning.

What are we talking about? Cleavage of course! Recently Australian lingerie brand Pleasure State creators of the revolutionary My Fit range of push up bras (and one of my personal favourites) has asked Australia to decide: What is Cleavagely Correct?

Fashion personality and Australia’s Next Top Model judge, Charlotte Dawson joined the team at Pleasure State to help raise awareness for the campaign, commenting that “not all women or bras are created equal, ideally a woman should have a choice to be natural, slightly lifted or proudly va-voom,” she said.

“Like all fashion choices, different moods and occasions often call for a customised solution to ensure you feel at your best and can put your best cleavage forward. pleasure state my fit has created a range of bras that allows a woman to now go from natural, to customized push to an extra oomph as they choose.”


According to the Pleasure State Cleavagely Correct survey:

  • Australians are nearly split down the middle on the Cleavagely Correct debate – with 52% believing at least some cleavage enhancement is appropriate at the office Christmas party, whilst 48% believe minimal or natural cleavage is correct
  • 27% of women plan to show cleavage at the work Christmas party compared to 11% who show some cleavage at work
  • Challenging the fashion guideline of women highlighting either their cleavage or legs when choosing their outfits, nearly 60% of respondents believe it is okay to display both this social season
  • Women from NSW are more likely than women from the other states to prefer to show some cleavage at the office Christmas party (37% compared to the national average of 27%)

With the results in, we thought we’d ask Charlotte her thoughts about when it is best to show some (or no) cleavage.

Appropriate cleavage according to Charlotte Dawson:

The office Christmas party
Charlotte says: The office Christmas party well your celebrating out of the daily office environment it’s ok to sass it up a bit for Xmas

Your Facebook profile picture
Charlotte says: Your Facebook profile picture it really depends on how you want to present yourself to your friends, party girl? Office girl or a little bit of both.

7am in the morning
Charlotte says: 7am in the morning a good sturdy bra for the gym or if you’re still in bed? Maybe none!

Impressing the judges on Australia’s Next Top Model
Charlotte says: Impressing the judges on Australia’s Next Top Model something that shows who you are so For Me Only (FMO) is the go!

On Bondi Beach
Charlotte says: Cleavage is totally fine for Bondi! It’s sexy and beachy

Meeting your boyfriends parents
Charlotte says: Meeting your boyfriends parents I’d say keep it nice ladies! But chose whatever you feel is appropriate. This is all about you.

Pleasure State My Fit Cleavagely Correct for

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Photos: From the Pleasure State Facebook page.