Samantha Wills becomes a lifestyle brand with the launch of her Stationery and Homewares lines

Australian jewellery designer Samantha Wills is on a hot streak of late. First with the launch of her Fine Jewellery collection (the Days Like This necklace is on our Birthday & Xmas wishlist) and now with the launch of her Stationery and Homewares collection.

It was already set to be a winner when she announced that the Samantha Wills Stationery collection was a collaboration with Australian illustrator Kelly Smith of Birdy & Me (who has previously collaborated with the likes of Vogue Australia, Portmans and General Pants) but I was blown away by just how intricate and beautifully thought out the SW Stationery was.

“In a digital age, I’ve maintained my love for sending and receiving beautiful items in the post. An SW Stationery line is something I have always wanted to do. I am constantly creating stationery for family & friends and sharing that one our brand’s Facebook page has shown us an overwhelming desire to release an SW collection,” Wills says in the release. “I knew instantly I wanted to work with Kelly on it. Her art is magical and I have her illustrations large and small throughout my apartment. I couldn’t be more honoured to have her talent on this project.”

Launched at an antique/props store in the Sydney suburb of Redfern last month, the Samantha Wills Stationery collection was on display for guests to see, feel and touch the quality card, signature wax seals, lace and twines that are all a part of the collection. Styled to perfection by the talented SW team, the SW Stationery was perfectly offset by the gorgeous Samantha Wills Homewares line which includes the sought after Mirrored Glass Jewellery Chest, a Museum Glass Dome with a SW carved wood base and a Glass Display Box with a similar SW carved wood base.

“We receive a lot of creative photos of not only how our customers style their jewels, but also their SW wooden box,” says Wills. “This combined with my love of home décor got me thinking about how I can extend the SW style into the home.”

These two new stunning lines fit perfectly into the growing lifestyle brand that is Samantha Wills and we can’t help but be estatic for the amazing and tightknit team at SW HQ.

The SW Stationery and Homewares collection is available on the Samantha Wills website and at leading SW retailers.