Georgia May Jagger talks about Sunglass Hut, family holidays and her fashion inspirations

You never know what to expect when you get the opportunity to meet and interview models, fashion designers and celebrities. Will they be friendly and chatty, or will they be a tough nut that has airs and graces about them? Luckily for us, the gorgeous Georgia May Jagger has none of the later. Instead she was a breath of fresh air and wise beyond her 20 years.

In Sydney to launch the Sunglass Hut Floating store, the youngest daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall shone in a Sass & Bide silver gown. But that’s not all she knew about Australian fashion – she was wearing Australian designer Lisa Ho when we interviewed her yesterday morning.

Fashion it seems runs in her blood – besides her blessed genes, Georgia also gets to call Vivienne Westwood ‘godmother’, also naming the doyenne of British punk fashion as one of her biggest fashion inspirations.

“I just modelled her jewellery line and she’s a big inspiration of mine as my mum always wore her clothes,” Georgia told us. “I mean, boys don’t always understand her designs but there are some fashion things that aren’t for them and I quite like that. I’m always looking out for new designers – I love Dominic Jones, he’s a friend of mine and his jewellery is amazing.”

But for the British Model of the Year in 2009, fashion wasn’t always an industry she had thought about working in, especially modelling since it was something her mother and sister Lizzie was doing and she wanted to break out of that mould so to speak.

“Then I got asked to do one job and I thought I would do one job, then I got asked to a second job and then I thought I would do two and then I will quit,” she said with a smile. “Then it kind of got to the point where I couldn’t be like ‘I will do this thirteenth job and then I will quit’. But I am really enjoying it now. I think I was trying to rebel against the fact that my mum and my sister were doing it at the time. I think doing the Hudson Jeans campaign and the cover of British Vogue changed things.”

Her first ‘fashion’ experience was back when Lizze was breaking into the world of modelling in the mid 2000’s and a young Georgia would attend show castings for London Fashion Week with her big sister. Through those experiences it gave her an introduction into the industry and see how it worked from the inside without being involved or through attending parties. A self-confessed ‘boring’ homebody, Georgia spoke about preferring to do low key things with her friends and boyfriend instead of joining the London fashion party scene.

Throughout the interview, Georgia spoke so warmly of her family, calling her mum and sister her biggest style inspirations, not that she thinks she could get away with wearing some of the clothes her mum and her best friend (singer/model Grace Jones) wore back then because they were so slinky. Hard to imagine since Georgia is every inch a model herself, though not quite as statuesque as Jerry Hall.

With the holiday season well upon us we couldn’t help but ask Georgia about her Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday plans and it turns out that the Jagger clan is very tight knit, with all of Jerry’s children celebrating Christmas together in London and sharing gifts.

“Christmas I am going to spend in London, which we will spend in my house and we’ll make it all nice and cozy,” Georgia says. “My mum is American so she is really upset with me that I am missing Thanksgiving, it’s the first Thanksgiving I have ever missed. We do Christmas dinner all together, my brother is kind of the head chef and we all help out and do it together. New Years I will be spending it with my dad and sometimes I get to see my half brothers and sisters.”

So what does the future hold for Georgia May?

“I don’t have one thing that I want to do, I change my mind all the time but I love photography so i would love to pursue that more,” she tells us. “I’m not looking to be the most famous or make the most money in all these different fields, it doesn’t interest me like that I just enjoy working and meeting different people.”

And meeting different people she has, thanks to her role as the Sunglass Hut Ambassador, a role she was appointed to this year.

“It’s really cool because I am doing their blog as well, which means it’s really exciting every month because I get new sunglasses! I have never had so many pairs of sunglasses!” she said, excited about the thought. “I get to take pictures of them and I love taking pictures, plus its nice when I am travelling to be doing a photo diary like that. It’s also nice to travel around with one brand like Sunglass Hut, so you get to see the same people and it becomes a home away from home.”

Asked if she would ever want to be behind the camera lens of a Sunglass Hut campaign instead of in front of it, she replied simply with a “definitely”.

Georgia May Jagger’s top fashion and sunglasses fun facts/tips:

  • She loves a good pair of aviators (try Ray Ban)
  • Sunglasses are a must for a fail safe travel outfit. As are silk trousers and tops.
  • She loves her leather jacket (according to GMJ, it’s “to the point to where it was quite beaten up”) and her Acne ankle boots and the Dolce & Gabbana mirrored sunglasses.

Photos: Georgia May Jagger at the
Sunglass Hut Floating Store launch party



The Sunglass Hut Floating store is open from today until Sunday in Darling Harbour.

The exact hours:

Thursday 15th November, Darling Harbour: 10am – 10pm
Friday 16th November, Darling Harbour: 10am – 10pm
Saturday 17th November, Darling Harbour: 10am – 12am
Sunday 18th November, Darling Harbour: 10am – 6pm