A formula to show the “perfect” amount of leg? It exists says mathematician Lily Serna

We’re all faced with photos of young models whose legs seemingly stretch all the way up to their chin. Some might say it’s the luck of the genetic draw. But according to the guys at Venus and Olay, we just have to do a simple formula to calculate our own perfect leg score. Mathematician Lily Serna was commissioned by the two Proctor & Gamble owned brands to create the perfect leg formula to give women the confidence to show off their legs and dispel the myth that good genetics is the only way to get perfect legs.

Lily Serna comments: “I’ve always wondered whether I could link my passion of maths to my love of clothes and fashion and now I can. When I was asked by Venus & Olay to create a formula my aim was to use maths to inspire women, whatever their shape or size so they could feel good about themselves and their legs!”

The Venus Goddess Legs formula is based purely on proportions to create a visual balance so that all women need to do is alter the length or positioning of their dress, skirt or shorts to create the illusion of the perfect legs. Based on the Golden Ratio which can be dated back to 300BCwhen a mathematician named Euclid studied its properties, the ratio can be applied in nature, architecture, arts and more recently has been used to determine perfect facial proportions.

The Venus Goddess Legs formula

(The length of your body (cm) + heel height (cm)) / 1.618 = Your golden number

What does your Golden Number mean?

The golden number measured from your shoulders down will tell you how long your dress, skirt or shorts should fall. The golden number measured from your heels up (including your heel height) will tell show you where your summer jacket should fall. That point is your virtual waistline©.

Naturally, all women have different waistlines, but by implementing a ‘virtual waistline,’© women can create the illusion of the perfect leg to torso ratio. If your ‘virtual waistline’ © is much higher than your real waistline then you should be wearing cropped jackets and higher waisted jeans. Conversely, if your waistline is lower than your real waistline then you should wear longer tops or jackets.

Don’t forget to use the Venus & Olay five-bladed razor for smooth hair-free legs!