Paris Fashion Week S/S 2013: Erethral, elegant beauty at Chanel blows us away

Can Karl Lagerfeld do no wrong at Chanel? Every season we wait with baited breath to see the collection, and every season Lagerfeld impresses us more. While in the past we’ve seen Chanel airplanes and merry-go-rounds, this collection was shown in a simplistic manner, which only seemed to make it all the more elegant.

The German design genius again worked with varying shades of blue, but this time other hues were incorporated into the collection, included oyster, pastel pink, red black and even a splash of floral. The emphasis of the looks was on the torso, with bell sleeves and cropped jackets proving popular. Lagerfeld explained that the beauty of the collection was ‘all about the wind, it’s in the air,’ and we have to say that we can see what he means. As always, the craftsmanship of the Chanel collection was incomparable, with each luxe piece fitting the models’ bodies like a glove.

There was something elegantly cutesy about the collection, with large polka dot designs made up of pearl embellishments. Lagerfeld certainly has a fixation with pearls; for the S/S 2012 collection, models; hair and skin were adorned with delicate pearls. This season, oversize statement pearl necklaces were the accessory of choice in a nod to Coco Chanel’s adoration of the look.

This was classic Chanel, with a range of  below-the-knee dresses, micro minis, tailored trousers, cropped jackets and coats. The palette was elegant and gentle, but with enough colour to keep things interesting- but as if we could ever be disinterested in Chanel!

And the final thing we adored about the show? Metallic silver-green eyeshadow that reached all the way up to the models’ perfectly manicured eyebrows, with a subtle splash of black eyeliner intensifying the look. The candy pink hue layered over the lips was, plainly speaking, the perfect shade for summer.

Our verdict? As usual, we can fault nothing that Lagerfeld has done. C’est amore!