Alex Perry takes on prescription sunglasses for Specsavers

Australian fashion – turned eyewear – designer Alex Perry, has just launched a new prescription sunglasses collection for Specsavers, which follows the extensive success of his prescription glasses range. Before Specsavers approached him three years ago, Perry had long set his sights on creating ‘fashionable eyewear’ after realising the lack of stylish sunglasses in the market for those with prescriptive requirements.

Since the age of five, Perry had – like lots of us, struggled to find not only tasteful frames for regular glasses, but also for prescription sunglasses. Up until recently, prescription sunglasses were merely dark lenses inside the same, unremarkable glasses frames. When asked what inspired his first line of prescription sunglasses, he paused before telling us that the “modern, soft cats eye inspired by Grace Kelly and a large, soft square style inspired from Audrey Hepburn.”

A man after our own heart when it comes to fashion icons of the silver screen.

Focusing on timeless frame shapes, such as a modern, soft cat-eye, the classic aviator and a larger, soft squared style – Perry has created a collection that is universally appealing and relevant across each face shape and age range.

Alex Perry and Specsaves is a relationship that celebrated its third anniversary this year, but Perry’s knowledge of eyewear started many years earlier, perhaps before he discovered his knack for designing jaw dropping gowns.

“Specsavers approached me to create a eyewear line for them three years ago, but it was always something that I wanted to branch out in to,” Perry told us. “Wearing glasses since I was five, I wanted to create a collection that was sympathetic for the young and old, so from your fifteen year old in school, to people your parent’s age. I wanted it to cater to a lot of different tastes and styles.”

Whether you have 20/20 vision or wear glasses, we are sure you have speculated over Perry’s iconic use of sunglasses as an accessory – and we have the answer! For fifteen years Perry has donned glasses on his head, purely because of his tendency to lose them amongst other various bits and bobs. Then as people began to realise the consistency of his habit, it slowly became his trademark.

With a pair of sunglasses encompassing a large facet of his iconic image, Perry’s venture with Specsavers seemed like both a natural and logical progression of the Alex Perry brand. With his new range offering such a diverse, yet classic assortment of shades, we are certain there is a pair that you will fall head-over-shades in love with!

Alex Perry’s prescriptive sunglasses are now available in Specsavers stores.

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