New York Fashion Week S/S 2013: Marc Jacobs shows us why his shows are fashion’s most loved

Photo via KCDWorldwide

There can be very little debate as to what shows are the most highly anticipated features of the New York Fashion Week schedule. With the mixture of big names and emerging designers, the week is always met with electric anticipation as fashionistas wait to see what the standout shows will be.

One of these shows is of course Marc Jacobs. The man is a genius, and his vision and ability to challenge the norms of the fashion industry is something that never fails to impress. This week, while most designers have been focusing on the soft, girly aspects of spring fashion, Jacobs has done the complete opposite, and injected a dramatic and graphic taste into the festivities.

There were stripes everywhere. Big stripes, small stripes, horizontal stripes, and vertical stripes. They came in colours of black, white, tan and red and that statement Marc Jacobs was making seemed to leap right out at us: the look was simple, but oh so effective. Jacobs had said prior to the show that we could expect spring fashion to be “very, very brutal in its simplicity,” and he certainly delivered on his promise.

The silhouette was elongated and sharp, with tailored skirt-suits being the look du jour. Skirts were low slung and the jackets fitted, creating an overall unique aesthetic that only Jacobs could pull off.

Scalloped hems on some skirts, dresses and shirts softened the black and white mod look, as did the presence of sheer, button-up shirts. Then there were the leopard print dresses, which broke away from the uniformed stripes… but not so much that they too weren’t monochrome hues. And the piece that is sure to skyrocket to the top of the fashionistas wish lists? A midriff sweater featuring a Mickie Mouse motif. Fun, quirky and oh so cool.

We think it’s spelt out for us in, well, black and white: Jacobs has achieved fashion perfection once again.