New York Fashion Week S/S 2013: Donna Karan captivates our imagination with her ladylike glam designs

If there is one collection this week that has truly personified the beauty of spring and the warm onset leading in to summer, it is Donna Karan for the collection that bears her namesake. The big sister to the designer’s DKNY line was nothing short of elegant perfection, with a scintillating combination of pastels and metallic’s.

Utterly romantic, hues ranged from dusty pink, to lilac, to oyster and pale mint. Metallic silver and gold were also seen as the main shades featured on the exquisite dresses. They were dreamy, they were structured, they were floating and they were sophisticated. The collection moved poetically through the dresses of varying lengths and structures, with sharp jackets complementing some of the looks.

While the majority of the looks were almost old-world ladylike with splashes of lace and beaded embellishments, there were also elements of transparency within some looks that kept the overall vibe within the modern sphere. The hues ultimately channelled a dreamy, underwater world and you could practically imagine donning the ensembles, gliding along while a harp played nearby.

It was positively ethereal, and we were mesmerised by the variety of the designs. We saw floating silk dresses with a sprinkle of transparency, fitted bodices that gave way to cascading, structured skirts and folded linen jackets layered over dresses, many with cut-out detailing.

And if the designs themselves were gracefully chic, the make-up looks were a daring and bold contradiction of this. Bright magenta eyeliner circled the models’ whole eyes, ensuring that if you weren’t captivated by the collection itself (gasp!) you almost certainly would have been entranced by the girls’ eyes. Balancing this were the hairstyles, with long hair thrown up into playfully messy buns, and completed with delicate ribbons that were knotted into a bow.

In short, we think Donna Karan has achieved the crème de la crème of spring fashion with this collection.