London Fashion Week S/S 2013: Willow wows us with a chic new take on the lingerie look

Image via Facebook

Well, it didn’t take long for elements of 50 Shades of Grey to be seen again in a fashion show. This time it was in London at Willow, although (thankfully) Kit Willow’s latest offering had so much more going for it than just a touch of fetishism. A combination of mesh, silk, chiffon and leather ultimately made for a collection that took a new look at lingerie as fashion. There was certainly a heavy focus on the style, with many sheer overlays allowing for what was underneath to be the focus of the look.

Like shows before it, this Willow collection consisted primarily of monochrome hues. We saw black, white, silver and gold galore, while the hue de jour for many designers this season is apparently orange.

It was a pleasant return to London for Willow, with the show being staged in New York since 2004. Upon returning, Willow showed that the usually girly designs we are used to from the designer have had a tough update. There were elements of biker chic with leather jackets and long silk overlays, while corseted strapless dresses and sheer shirts revealing a focus on lingerie also featured.

Willow moved effortlessly from hard to soft looks, and the collection included a happy mix of flowing and somewhat girly designs and tougher, almost masculine looks with leather and piping detailing.