’s 10th Birthday Party: Photo booth fun with Polite in Public Editor Helen Lee with Kimberley Nissen from The Plastic Diaries in the Polite In Public Photobooth. Photo by Nicole Cooper 

Remember when you were young and you thought Polaroid cameras and photo booths were the best thing ever? When I was in my teens I thought sticker photo booths were the best thing in the world and then digital cameras became the bees knees. As everything comes back around in a full circle, Polite In Public have brought together the wonder of Polaroids and photo booths together into one amazing concept – photo booths with social media sharing. They are such a hit that you can’t attend an event in Sydney right now without taking several silly snaps with friends in one.

Needless to say when turned 10 last week and we threw a party at The Loft in Sydney for over 150 of our nearest and dearest, we had to have a Polite In Public photo booth at the event.

The Australian and New Zealand branch was founded by Josh Phillips and Nick Bardetta after they saw the photo booths in action in New York City three years ago who then brought the booths to Australia.

“It’s called Polite in Public because we offer brands a way of connecting with consumers that’s not completely in their face – it’s a “polite” form of advertising,” Phillips tells us. “The booths also happen to be a huge party favourite because we airbrush the images so people come out looking spectacular – which is always fun.”


The booths were such a hit with party goers that the queue to get photos taken was 10 groups deep at times, even Australia’s Next Top Model mentor Josh Flinn and former contestants Simone Holtznagel and Madeline Huett couldn’t resist the allure of the booth.

“I loved the Polite in Public photo booth at the birthday party,” Megan from An Australian Wintour told us the next day. “I am considering getting one for my next party because they’re such a hit and you can instantly share your photos on social media immediately.”

Party guests in the Polite In Public Photobooth. Photo by Nicole Cooper 

Check out more photos from the Polite In Public Photo Booth at our birthday party here on Facebook. We secretly wished the 3 litre bottle SKYY Vodka bottle weren’t empty on the night, but it probably wouldn’t have remained a prop for long.

Learn more about Polite In Public Photo Booths on their website now.