Jennifer Hawkins talks about modelling in lingerie at for for MBFFS

Jennifer Hawkins is one hard working gal right now, just in the last few weeks she’s headlined the Myer Spring/Summer 2012/13 fashion launch and walking the runway in Loveable for the show at Mecedes Benz Fashion Festival Sydney show. Not to mention she has her own swimwear label, Cozi, and of course the impending launch of her new independent shoe line.

Celebrating the newly launched online online store, Jennifer (with freshly coloured pink tips in her hair) and an army of tanned and toned models took the runway, showing off the latest offerings from Lovable, Elle Macpherson Intimates, Pleasure State, Stella McCartney, Bendon, Davenport and Macpherson Men and more. With a fun and flirty vibe, the show was definitely one of our favourites for the week. We managed to get some time with Jennifer to ask her about her lingerie and online shopping tips.

What is your favourite thing about the Bendon show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Sydney?

Showcasing Lovable lingerie! I felt cheeky.

What are your favourite three pieces in the new Lovable collection?

I loved my finale outfit! All white – it was gorgeous! I love the strapless bra in the snake print and pink lace trim and I also like Lovable ‘Besties’ in white.

What do you like about a consumer fashion show as opposed to one for the fashion industry insiders?

There is such a crazy vibe. It’s an adrenaline rush- so much fun! I love seeing people in the crowd and saying hi – which is different to an industry parade which are a little more serious.

Walking in a lingerie fashion show must be a little unnerving (though you must a pro at it now), how do you prepare for it?

I workout everyday! I eat health foods and drink 2ltrs of water daily. I try and stay as healthy as possible by taking my Bioglan Vitamins and getting lots of sleep. If I do all of that, I feel prepared!

How often do you shop online and what is the craziest thing you’ve bought online?

I bought a designer birthday cake on line for my sister once. It was a surprise and she loved it!! It was a Chanel bag cake (her favorite brand). It looked unreal!

You’ve worked with Lovable for a while now, what is one thing you have learnt in your time as the ambassador that you wish you knew about lingerie when you were younger?

I’ve learnt not to wear the size you ‘want’ to be. Be fitted and wear the size you need to be wearing. You are more comfortable and your bust looks better in garments.

Check out some images from the Fashion Show below and watch the video above. Watch out for the finale, it’s a killer.


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