Watch: Aperol Spritz gets the world record for the ‘Largest Aperol Spritz Toast’

How many people can enjoy the delicious drink that is an Aperol Spritz? Well according to the newly minted world record, the number is 2,657. Last week that exact number of people descended on the iconic Piazza San Marco in Venice to try for record of the largest Aperol Spritz Toast.

With everyone dressed up in orange t-shirts much like the colour of Aperol itself, the sun and lady luck was shining on one of the most popular aperitif’s in Italy.

Andrea Conzonato, Chief Marketing Officer, Gruppo Campari, said: “We wanted to give people a reason to socialize and celebrate with Aperol Spritz and what better way than setting a new Guinness World Record. By choosing Piazza San Marco we wanted as well to pay a tribute to the birthplace and the people that make one the most traditional and popular drink of the Veneto Region, an international appreciated drink. Aperol Spritz is the perfect accompaniment to socializing with friends and the place and this celebration show just that.”

How to make your own Aperol Spritz at home:

To enjoy your own Aperol Spritz just get a tumbler or a large balloon glass and follow the simple instructions:
3 parts of Prosecco (try Cinzano Prosecco DOC)
2 parts of Aperol
1 dash of soda
Ice and a slice of orange

Add ice and a slice of orange, pour in the Prosecco, the Aperol and add a dash of soda.

Then sit back, relax and enjoy a great drink with great friends.