Bad haircut scared you from visiting the hairdressers? How to get the haircut you want

Nicole Cooper – her hair uncut for 3 years had grown to different lengths

We’ve all had that experience at a hairdressers where you notice you are losing more and more hair as scissors seem to be flying at warp speed around your head. What do you do? Burst into tears? Speak up? Is it too late? A bad haircut can scar your hairdresser experience for a few months as you wait for your hair to grow out, or longer as we discovered.

Nicole Cooper, photographer and blogger at Confident Liar told us recently that after one bad hairdresser experience she could not bring herself to visit a hairdresser for THREE YEARS. Yep, you read right, that’s 36 months or 432 weeks! That seems like a lifetime considering that it’s recommended you get a trim every 6 – 8 weeks to keep your hair healthy and split ends at bay.

It had been so long between cuts that one side of Nicole’s hair had grown longer than the other and we knew it was time for her to face the fear of the bad hairdresser experience and get a snip snip. To ease that pain we took her to Barney Martin Hairdressing, to see the man himself Barney Martin (who happens to also tend to my locks every 8 – 10 weeks).

Nicole Cooper chats with Barney Martin about what style she wants

Barney Martin works the magic he does best

Barney Martin’s top tips for getting the haircut you want

  • Make sure your stylist gives you a consultation before they wash your hair so they can see how you currently wear your hair.
  • They should ask you about your lifestyle, how much time you are prepared to spend styling and what look you are really hoping to achieve.
  • You can also take images and then your stylist will be able to advise you if the cut will suit your face shape, hair colour and type.
  • A great tip is also, rather than tell them what you do like instead tell them what you don’t like and let them be creative.
  • If you hate your haircut you should contact your hairdresser straight away and ask them to correct it. If you don’t feel comfortable with that speak to the manager and ask for another stylist to correct it. This should been done within a reasonable time frame and at no charge.

Why is it important to get regular haircuts?

It is important to make sure you have regular haircuts to not only make sure your cut maintains its shape but also to keep it healthy and free from split ends. If you have short hair, I recommend you have your hair cut every 4-6 weeks and if it’s past your shoulders you can stretch it out to 6-8 weeks. But, remember to look after your hair between cuts by using regular treatments at least once a week.

How damaging is it if you don’t get your hair cut for years?

Women who don’t have their hair cut for years will experience a lot of damage to the cuticles which will result in split ends that cause hair to look frizzy and unkept. Hair that hasn’t been cut in years also tends to look wispy and ratty on the ends.

Nicole leaves Barney Martin a happy camper

Nicole after her haircut! No more dead and uneven ends!

Thank you to Barney Martin and 360 PR for their help in giving Nicole confidence in hairdressers again – and the complimentary haircut.

Have you had a bad hair experience? What did you do about it?


  • Lelala says:

    I’d say more important is to have a well paid stylist than actually the question “what haircut do i want” – a good stylist will create always a good hairdo :o)

  • Be says:

    I have never visited any hairdressers since 1996 due to several bad experiences. I really hope to be able to find a great hairstylist to recommend the hairstyle that suits me best.

  • Me says:

    Once again, despite having a photo and this really only being a trim, not an actual change, the stylist went nuts. My rule is the hair should be long enough to get on a barrel curling iron. It’s so short that I can’t curl it and I have to mousse it up and blow dry it out to give it any kind of a look. I really dislike that spike, pokey end look, too. At least she left me hair on the top of my head. The real bummer is that she’s an extended member of the extended family. How do I go to my kid and say hey, your hubby’s cousin’s fiance left me nearly bald and I’m frying my fingertips.

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