A mini guide to beauty vlogging and the ‘Get Ready With Me’ video trend

Screenshots of ‘Get Ready With Me’ vlogs by missglamorazzi and shaaanxo

Amateur is the new pro when it comes to YouTube makeup tutorials, with the Queen of all beauty vloggers, Michelle Phan shooting to international fame with her beauty DIY tutorials and tips, eventually landing a gig with prestigious Lancôme.

The latest trend hitting the vlogosphere (vlogging if you didn’t know, is video blogging!) is a concept called “Get ready with me!” where self-professed beauty guru’s have anywhere from a 4 to 10 minutes video of themselves getting ready for a night out. It won’t have any talk over, just music, and will show them doing their makeup and some even hair styling with an outfit showing at the end. Search for it in YouTube, and you’ll have over 2 million of this type of video for you to view.

While this might sound a little vain on their behalf it can actually be quite helpful. You might see a new makeup technique to try, or even how a fancy hairstyle actually gets done quite simply. The down side is perhaps not actually knowing what brand or tool they’re using (unless you get lucky and they’ve included it in their video info). What these beauties are getting ready for also varies, from an everyday look that’s been requested, to a night out painting the town red.

Tips for what to include in your ‘Get Ready With Me’ video

  1. Start with deciding what look you want to show (spring day makeup, party night makeup, bronzed beach look, etc)
  2. Prepare all the products you’re going to use in front of the camera
  3. Get creating your look!
  4. The most popular video include close ups of the products used and how the application process. E.g. dabbing on concealer or how much product is put on a brush.

Thinking of creating your own YouTube channel? There’s plenty of other beauty vlog content to create!

  • Haul Videos – Show off your latest purchases, it’s just that easy. Talk about the reasons behind your purchase. This could be makeup or clothing and accessories.
  • Swatch Sampling – Bought an eyeshadow palette? Your favourite lippy? Show your views how those colours look, generally done on the arm of back of the hand.
  • Tutorial – Whether it’s an application trick you learned from your mom that’s served you well, or perhaps a concoction from the pantry for a homemade facial you swear by.

The possibilities are endless, and in this information age, right at our fingertips. Looking good has never been so easy!

Check out one of the first ‘Get Ready With Me’ vlogs we first came across.

Let us know who YOUR favourite YouTube beauty vlogger is in the comment sections!


By Susan Jo, a self-confessed beauty addict and beauty blogger on Coco and Chino.

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