75 Years of Ray Ban: celebrated with Ambermatic and ‘Never Hide’

I love a quirky/cool/fun pair of sunglasses as much as the next fashionista, but when the fun and games are over, I always turn to my Ray Ban’s. That’s not to say they are boring – especially not when you factor in the fact that my Ray Ban’s come with interchangeable lenses so I can literally see the world through rose or green tinted lenses if I’m sick of brown. Ray Ban’s have always oozed their own brand of sophisticated-cool with their two most popular styles, the Aviator and the Wayferer.

But did you know that the iconic brand was founded in 1937 when the iconic Aviatar style sunglasses was created to protect pilots’ eyes from damaging sun rays? And that the iconic Ray Ban brand 75 years old this year? To say it’s transcendence from a pure necessity for the United States military to a fashion statement for celebrities is sprinkled with fairydust is a little exaggerated, because Ray Ban were able to consistently evolve and create new designs that suited the new generations that would wear their sunglasses.

To celebrate the momentous milestone, Ray Ban launched a campaign called “Never Hide” which features real life events over eight decades. Photographed by Mark Seliger, he capture moments that highlights true stories of men and women from history who went up against convention”.

And that’s not all; Ray Ban also produced a new limited edition line called the Ambermatic, which features four styles of sunglasses with special lenses that darkens depending on light and temperature conditions. By transitioning from yellow to brown, the lens technology blocks glare and highlight outlines and shapes, even in the snow.

With no other mainstream sunglasses brand featuring this technology in their lenses, I really think the Ambermatic line should not be limited edition… either way, I need to pop down to Sunglass Hut and put my name down for a pair of the Ambermatic Aviators ASAP!

A Timeline History of Ray Ban


  • justanonymous says:

    Just as an FYI, Ambermatic is not a new technology. It was developed long ago and pioneered by Bauch & Lomb, the original parent company of Ray Ban. I think they haven’t been offered in a while due to a licensing item or something like that. It might be worth looking into

    This Limited Edition is not so much a result of novel new cutting edge technology but probably a deal struck by BL & RB’s owners.

    Anyway, just some context that might be wort investigating because I might be wrong as well but when you’re as old as I am, you remember things from the past.

  • Jerry says:

    I have been wearing Ambermatic Ray-Bans since 1976(or so). What I like about them is that you can wear them at night while driving and they cut glare. This makes them 24 hour eye protection.They last produced them sometime in the 1980’s. I have a pair of bullet hole shooters I wear everyday. I never have to take them off, which is usually when they get broke. (think about it). Anyway, buy em’ if you can get em’, they are the best you’ll ever have the pleasure of wearing. The Vintage sun glass places were selling them for around $500.00

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