Eye Candy: Room 104’s video of sexy men getting groomed makes us swoon

I don’t know if it’s because we’re in the middle of winter in Australia, but my girlfriends and I have been emailing each other eye candy more frequently of late. And after watching this (several times over), I had to share this video created by Jeremy Toth for Room 104, a men’s grooming lounge in Auckland, New Zealand.

Starring four sexy hipster men: Frazer Gregory, Tony Scahill, George Vause and Sam Crocker, the short film showcases Room 104’s men’s styling offerings. Combine brooding looks and tattooed knuckles with the sultry tones of “Lady Killer” by Emerald Clark, and we were weak at the knees on first viewing.

Auckland is one of the cities I have yet to visit in New Zealand, but if I get to meet men like this then I’ll be on the next plane across the Tasman. Who needs a tourism board with videos like this?

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  • Lifestealer says:

    Priscilla – I think this is your best shoot to date! These are amazing! I agree with Chrissi EVERY siglne picture is PERFECT. I couldn’t help but laugh and smile while looking at these pictures. The emotion caught in these pictures is incredible! You just get better and better. I love you!

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