When Hair Met Wardrobe thanks to Toni & Guy’s Blogged and Bound campaign

A few months ago I were asked to take part in Toni & Guy’s Blogged and Bound campaign alongside 19 other Australian fashion bloggers – one that was built around the concept that hair and style go hand in hand. After seeing the success of the campaign in England, who could say no to such an opportunity?

So off to the studio we went to be shot for a series of photographs for the Blogged and Bound 100-page book which will feature a different concept for each blogger. The idea was that we each to represent a different hair ideal in line with the four product ranges of Toni & Guy’s new line of hair products. Mine was “glamour” and as you can see above, features me standing in the rain in a gorgeous red silk dress. To go along with our photos, each blogger will also star in our very own short film about our style inspiration and the role that hair plays in our overall look.

I am so immensely please and proud of the final shots and the little bio they wrote about me. The creative team at JWT as well as the photography, hair, beauty and styling talents that came on board created such an amazing concept for me. Not to mention being patient with me every time I couldn’t hold back the laughter – it was “raining” on me and then when I was asked to jump up and down in the milk (yep, it was real milk).

For the record, my stunning red silk dress was by Princess Charlotte by Charlie Brown.

Watch the Blogged and Bound campaign unfold through the Blogged and Bound Tumblr, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram @hairmeetwardrobeau

Who were the other 19 fashion bloggers involved in this project? Watch the video below to find out!

Behind the scenes of the photoshoot



  • Michaela says:

    Frick, I can’t type today. Gourgeous is like gorgeous, except even better…

  • xiaohan - xssat says:

    You look absolutely stunning!! Love the shot of you jumping and I can’t believe it’s real milk.

  • Natasha says:

    You look stunning Helen! Can’t wait to see more as it unfolds, what a cool campaign. Must have been loads of fun to be involved in! x Tash

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