Musical chairs at Australian Vogue & Harper’s Bazaar as Vogue’s Kirstie Clements is axed

Its musical chairs as the Australian fashion publishing industry goes through its first major change since, well in a long time. It was revealed earlier today that Kirstie Clements, editor of Vogue Australia has left her position as Editor in Chief with Edwina McCann, the editor of Australian Harper’s Bazaar taking over.

The news broke over a two hour span, with the news breaking first on the News Limited owned The Australian (who also publishes Vogue Australia) before an official announcement was made announcing McCann as the new editor in chief of Vogue Australia commencing early July 2012.

“I started my career at Vogue and I am very excited about returning to work for the world’s most powerful fashion media brand,” McCann said in a release. “The opportunities for this formidable brand online and in a social media landscape are endless and our future is very bright indeed.”

The news came as a shock to many on twitter with many saying it was a “shock” axing with many questioning what she will do next after spending 13 years at Vogue Australia. Fans of Clements can still follow her antics via Twitter.

However the news has not come as such a shock for those in-the-know within the Australian publishing industry as as one of our sources tells us that another former magazine editor spoke about her knowledge of the axing, weeks before it happened.

The news has put the fashion industry into a tailspin and this new axing at Vogue comes off the heels of the redundancy of the pink-haired Meg Gray, Vogue’s former Fashion Editor just weeks before Australian Fashion Week kicked off on April 30th.

No word from the publisher of Harper’s Bazaar Australia, ACP Magazines, as to who is set to replace McCann at the helm of the fashion title. But no heir apparent seems to be waiting in the wings. Names being bandied around include the likes of Eugenie Kelly, Kellie Hush, Justine Cullen,¬†Glynis Traill Nash and Georgie McCourt.


  • topsy says:

    I share your sentiment. It a shock to me also.

  • stephen adderton says:

    hi kirstie
    letting you know that i was so upset & shocked to hear of you deciding to leave vogue. Something wonderful and un expectant will happen when you least expect it. you will be sought out by every brand that spells luxury.
    Thinking of you and still looking forward to working with you soon.
    Stephen Adderton

  • stephen adderton says:

    i was so upset to hear of your departure from Vogue
    it will take a little time to adapt to your new situation
    but it will be ok give it a little time
    every thing happens for a reason – and you will be surprized by what your future holds!
    Hang in their and just be as positive as you can be
    Its a shock to start with but tje future will soon reveal itself.
    Thinking of you
    enjoy the break
    slow down
    it will allow you to reinvent yourself
    this won’t last long
    even though it may seem to be forever!
    You will be back on top of your Game so soon.

    Thinking of you and your family
    Stephen Adderton

    I feel we grew up together!

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