MBFWA: Suboo backstage beauty with Moroccanoil Hair Stylist, Robert Ham

Photo by Andrew Kaineder

We love a chic ponytail, and we’ve seen a few at MBFWA. Today at the lovely Suboo show, the models were rocking a slick ponytail with intricately woven detailing- we loved it! We chatted backstage with Moroccanoil stylist and newly appointed global Director of Education, Robert Ham, to find out more about this stunning look and other hair trends.

What’s the inspiration behind the look today?

We wanted to keep in line with the original Suboo collection, with the really strong lines on the clothing, and geometric shapes and colours. When I met with the designer, the desired look was very graphic. We wanted to see those lines in the hair, so we’re doing a super-slick ponytail. It’s a place in the sun. The ponytail is kind of masculine though, we didn’t want it to be too feminine. I was shown a necklace that was rope connected with these bolts, so we wove the sides of the hair into the back of the ponytail, and into the linear lines of the ponytail. We made sure it had some nice, solid edges.

What are some trends that we can expect to see this summer?

What I’m thinking is going to be really cool and popular is like the red-carpet looks of Kate Winslet, she’s always wearing this cute little under-cropped style, which is really beautiful. I think the faux bob style is going to be really trendy this season. Ponytails are always in style, and we’ve just shown another amazing way to do a ponytail. I don’t think hair ever goes out of fashion, it’s just an always revolving thing where hairstyles just revolve constantly. But I’m really expecting retro faux bobs and sweet ponytails. Curls are going to be really big this season, because I think we’re getting ready to go back into that 80s period. So look for a lot of texture and a lot of curls.

What are some hair-care tips you can give us?

Moroccanoil treatment is a must for all hair. It is a restorative, refreshing treatment that instantly transforms the hair. It’s rich with antioxidants, omega 3, fatty acids- it’s like a multivitamin for the hair. Always take really good care of your hair- you want to protect it from the elements of the environment, and I think any of the Moroccanoil products are going to help protect it from the elements. We also have a product called Frizz Control, which helps with frizz and static, which would be a wonderful product to use through the cold temperatures here. Static is caused by cold temperatures, as is frizz. Use the frizz control to blow-dry your hair with, so you’re really containing the frizz and static.

What’s up next for you?

I’m going to Germany for a fashion trade show, and then I’m heading back to New York to start my role as Director of Education for Moroccanoil, where I’ll be writing curriculum and education for the company.

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