MBFWA: Suboo backstage beauty with Max Factor make-up artist Liz Kelsh

With the flurry of excitement that comes during a fashion show, it can be easy to forget about all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to create the fabulous beauty looks we see. On the last day of MBFWA, we caught up with Max Factor makeup artist Liz Kelsh, who was in charge of creating the laid-back chic make up looks at Suboo, who gave us her beauty tips and the rundown behind the look for today’s show.

What was the inspiration for the makeup look today?

The trend for today is a very modern and minimalistic look, and obviously Suboo is originally a beach label. Their first thing was beach umbrellas, so we wanted to play homage to her origins, but we really didn’t want it to be a beachy look, we wanted it be a very fashion forward and statement look, but to still have the feeling of the freshness of the origins.

How did you achieve the look for today’s show?

This is their first ready-to-wear collection, so we took some of the beautiful lime greens of the clothes and we matched it up with the Colour Effects range from Max Factor, and mixed it with a bit of water, which really makes the colour intense. We have a pop of green on the lid, which is really intense and vibrant- we used Vibrant Curve Effects Lipgloss over the whole eyelid and on the cheekbone, so that just looks like a diamond for the light to just bounce off of. It really goes with the location today (Sydney’s Summit Restaurant), because the girls are walking a full circle, so sometimes the light is just going to hit them, and it will be like a diamond shining back.

What other products have you used to get the look?

For the foundation we used Max Factor Second Skin foundation. We chose it because it gives really good coverage, but it’s virtually undetectable. Again, when the sunlight is on the girls’ faces I really didn’t want them to look like they had anything on at all. we had a 5am call this morning, and no-one looks that pretty at that time of the day! The lips is just pretty nude and natural, because we just really wanted the eyes to pop.

What are some skin care tips you can give us, both for summer, but also the approaching winter?

On all the girls today I used the SK11 eye masks, which are amazing. It’s the last day of fashion week, so everybody is a little bit tired, so they just helped with the really early start today. Coming into winter, a lot of the time it’s the heaters that just zap your skin. It’s really about getting that moisture back into your skin. When your skin gets dry, the old skin tends to cling on a bit more and that’s how you find your foundation can go a little bit cakey. It’s all back to the exfoliation, if you get that right then it’s about getting the moisture back in. Get the old out, and get the moisture back in!

What are some trends we can expect to see in summer?

Orange is still going to be really popular again- any shade of orange. Use it on your eyes, your lips, on your cheeks, wherever you want! You can do a 50s line in orange that looks really, really cool. There’s a real feeling at the moment for modern vintage make-up, which is something that’s a bit 50s inspired, but has a fabulous modern twist on it. It’s about making your own statement with make up, rather than a one-size-fits-all. I think those days are over, and it’s about tweaking things and making your own glamour statement and rocking out a look that suits you.

What’s been the highlight of fashion week for you?

I loved the Watson X Watson show. We got to have a bit of fun with colour and texture.

Do you have any secret fashion week vices?

I think it’s all about keeping your eye on the prize, and also to go with the flow.

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