LMFF: Toni Maticevski closes the week with a breathtaking showcase

Photos by Andrew Kaineder

As I crunched my way through the gravel and walked across the forecourt of Central Pier in the Docklands suburb Melbourne, I had a friend’s comments about the talented Toni Maticevski buzzing through my mind. Put simply she had stated that the Melbourne based fashion designer was “the closest thing we have to couture in Australia.”*

Having never watched any of his runway shows in person during his 13 year career (a fact we were shocked to discover), it gave me a tingle through my bones as I loitered outside the venue in hope of scoring a ticket to see Maticevski’s work in motion. It was to be a fitting end to a week that had provided many ups and downs on the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival runway.

Like a talented and tireless spider, the presentation of Maticevki’s Autumn/Winter 2012 collection, archive and made-to-order pieces was spun together seamlessly as it wove a web of black, greys and creams down the runway.

For a man whose specialty is breathtakingly beautiful gowns, we were shown not only his talents but also his range. Maticevski has worked with a plethora of fabrics from leather to embellished silks, lace, chiffon and even feathers, spinning them all into magical garments that fit deliberately around the body in their tailored beauty or flowing freely as if they had a life of its own.

It was tough to tell his new collection from the old, if were not for the sexier more assertive vibe that the darker looks gave off. It was this exploration of ready to wear that really showed that there is nothing Maticevski could not do.

With models walking to thunderous music that at times played like a dramatic movie, it was hard not to envisage a modern day heroine in the moors of Scotland wearing the billowing romantic gowns that came down the runway at the end of the show. It was a fittingly romantic end to a week that gave us great shows and some rather average ones.

Toni Maticevski, we bow to you and your talents.





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Photos by Andrew Kaineder

*The comment can be attributed to the talented Nadia from Animal Orchestra, as retold to me by Alicia from Sea of Ghosts.