LMFF: Sportsgirl National Graduate Showcase – one of the best shows of the week!

Photos by Andrew Kaineder

Australian fashion darling Sportsgirl continued their blazing trial of support for up-and-coming fashion designers when they presented the National Graduate Showcase for L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, introducing 12 of the hottest new designers.  Selected from 77 applicants, the fashion graduates, hailing from the design institutions of RMIT, Curtain and the University of Technology in Sydney, showed that the future is bright for Australian design through their quirky, fun, and creative designs. The graduates embraced block colour, patterns, sharp tailoring and chic silhouettes, with each collection being a unique nod to the designers inspirations.

RMIT graduate Anisha Byhoro presented a collection consisting mainly of neutrals, made unique by the fact that the designer uses no traditional seams in her designs, rather each item is made from one piece of material, that is then moulded to suit the body. Natalia Grzybowski, of Sydney’s University of Technology, seemed to draw inspiration from Romance Was Born through her use of bold and eccentric prints shown in her designs. Meanwhile, Amelia Agosta, also of RMIT,  presented sharply tailored outfits that had a touch of masculinity permeating throughout the collection. With the graduates drawing their inspiration from their childhood memories, the sleek shapes of origami, Stalin’s Russia and the work of the wind (to name a few!), the showcase ultimately highlighted the fusion between the designers’ imaginations, an individual take on international trends, and what we can expect to see on the fashion scene in years to come in Australia.






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Photos by Andrew Kaineder

Words by Lauren Kruger, a Melbourne based journalism student who loves all things fashion and being inspired by the latest trends, whether it be high fashion or high street. Follow Lauren on Twitter at @LaurenKruger26.