The ghd air, the sexiest hairdryer we’ve ever seen

Women have strived to get the perfectly salon blow-dried hair at home for years. My own hair is thick and naturally straight so I’ve been on a search for an amazing hairdryer that is quite but dries my hair quickly and gives me some volume. I’ve always been secretly hoping that the likes of ghd would launch a hair dryer to go with their hair straighteners (or stylers as they call them) and last year the hair gods at ghd answered my prayers and launched one called the ghd Air in the UK, with the Australian release on March 1st, 2012.

I was lucky enough to be sent my very own ghd Air to trial before the launch and it was love at first sight. As much as people say they’re not about aesthetics, it is the first thing that captures the eye and leaves a lasting impression. It’s sexy and sleek design is an eye catch one that had us ooh-ing and aah-ing the minute we opened the impressive box it arrives in.

But enough about the looks, what about the inside?

The ghd Air comes with all the usual features we have come to expect in a hair dryer, including:

  • Advanced Ionic Technology: for reduced frizz and a silkier, softer finish
  • Cool shot button: for a quick blast of cool air to fix the look in place
  • Salon strength AC motor: for faster and more powerful drying
  • 2 concentrator nozzles: helping to create a wide variety of styles
  • Ergonomic design: for easy handling and maximum control


We put the ghd Air hair dryer to the test

As you can see from our photos, our hair was about 40% dry when we turned the ghd Air on it (after using some heat protecting spray). Turning our head upside down, we aimed the ghd Air at the roots to get some natural lift. We didn’t try to dry it with a brush like our hair dresser usually does; I have too much hair and not enough arm strength to stand there for 30 minutes to do that.

Using a combination of the highest heat & speed setting and the cool shot button, my hair dried in less than 5 minutes. The hair dryer is light and ergonomically designed that it sits really nicely in your hand, not to mention the fact that it’s quieter and dries my hair, fast. It took me a little while to get use to the buttons on the reverse side of the hair dryer – which was designed to make it accessible for the left handers amongst us. How clever!

I was really happy with the results. I had natural look and not major fuzz issues – nothing that some smoothing serum wouldn’t fix. This was my idea of a perfect blow dry with minimum effort.

But of course being female I’m never happy with what I have. So out came the straighteners (our ghd Gold styler, of course) and we flicked the ends of our hair to give our hair a bit of body and bounce for that carefree look. We avoided the top half of our hair with the straighteners to keep the volume and a bit of hair spray later we were ready to go. All done in less than 20 minutes and I was ready to leave the house.

For tips on how to get that Victoria’s Secret curl in your hair, check out Elise’s video tutorial over at Stuff That I Bought.

Finally we should mention the price. The ghd Air retails at AUD$199 which is a little on the pricey side, but an amazing hair dryer is hard to find. Especially if you’re after one that does the job quickly and quietly. This is a good buy and rounds out my hair appliance collection nicely.

More photos:

The ghd Air (RRP $199) is available from first week of March 2011 at approved ghd salons or from For stockist information call 1300 443 424.

The ghd Air was given to us for editorial consideration, all thoughts and comments are our own and have not been influenced.


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  • MissConcept says:

    good one

  • Natalie Muller says:

    My blow drier just broke! May have to get myself one of these…:P Great blog btw! Just came across it, but I will most definitely return. Just started a Sydney street-style blog, in case you want to check it out! Enjoy the rest of your day 🙂

  • Kurt says:

    Great review! I’m a hairdresser who uses this in my arsenal! I’ve given up on the Wahl and Parlux dryers! Umm and there is no way a blow dryer makes your hair fall out… Go to a cosmetologist or a doctor, you may have something way more serious going on.

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