Last year we “swished” for Pantene like Cat Deeley

Sometimes being a blogger leads us down some interesting paths. And this one time, thanks to Pantene’s new Aqua Light range, we were lead into a video studio and asked to “swish” our hair just like Cat Deeley did in their British television commercials (and all those other Pantene commercials we’ve grown up watching).

After having our hair washed with Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light shampoo & conditioner, then blow dried by the talented team at Barney Martin Hairdressing, we were lead into a film studio where HD cameras were set up for us to film our own personal Pantene commercials. For several girls it was a dream come true, we all remembered the annual competitions Pantene use to run to a ‘hair & face’.

We were split into pairs and Iantha from Bless This Mess and I couldn’t stop laughing (mostly with nerves I suspect) as we swung our heads from left to right, top to bottom and horizontal. And the finished result? Here it is.

Next time, someone remind me not to pull funny faces and to put a little more cover up on my blemishes. HD video cameras are not forgiving.

Since we’re all for the funny faces and sharing the love, here’s some more videos from some fellow beauty bloggers:

Iantha from Bless This Mess

Polly Mae Hard Pretty Things

Kimberly from The Plastic Diaries


What is Pantene  Pro-VAqua Light?

A new product line by everyone’s favourite love-to-hate brand, Pantene. This new range says it has zero residues and zero weight, leaving you with nourished hair while the formula hydrates the hair and leaves it fresh without feeling weighed down or looking flat.  And it’s free from silicones. Admittedly I’m sceptical of “revolutionary” (my word, not theirs) new products, but after the first use my hair felt light and airy (and I have a lot of this straight hair) and there was notably less build up. If you don’t believe us we can give you a peek inside our shower.

Priced from $4.89 a bottle and available from your local supermarket, I definitely think you should pick up a bottle to try for yourself.

More photos from the launch event.

The product and Pantene commercial ‘experience’ was given to us for editorial consideration, all thoughts and comments are our own.


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