Samantha Wills talks about her Heirloom collection, her love of vintage markets & the spiritual world

Poised to make a full blown assault upon the US markets, Samantha Wills is one of those women you wish you could spend a day in her Manolo Blahnik clad shoes. We recently attended the launch of her new Samantha Wills with our bride-to-be friend in tow and were wowed by the classically beautiful pieces that ranged from amazing sparkles to subtle pearls. The pieces were simply stunning and are now available to buy online.

But what caught my non-bride-to-be eye was the Samantha Wills Heirloom collection which takes custom jewellery to a whole new level. Samantha combined various vintage pieces she collects on her travel at vintage sellers and flea markets around the world into a beautiful statement making jewellery. To add to the beauty, each piece of jewellery has their own clairvoyant reading to get some insight on to its journey through the world and its past owners.


We were so enamoured by the idea that we had to ask Samantha a few questions about her Heirloom collection.

SB: What inspired you to create a collection made up entirely of vintage pieces of jewellery?

SW: Heirloom concept came about by combining my love of Travel & wanderlust, Vintage Flea Markets & intrigue in the spiritual world. I think jewellery from past eras is fascinating as it’s so personal & must carry such amazing stories.

What if a piece has a negative story – do you change the necklace or take remove the piece?

No, I think that if it had a negative reading, it makes it all the more intriguing!

Does your family have their own jewellery heirlooms that have been passed down to you?

I don’t have a lot of family heirlooms, I do have a pendant that my mum used to wear & it was the first thing I remember looking up at her when I was tiny & seeing this little diamond teardrop sitting on her neck. I also have my grandfather’s watch, which I love. I love timepieces as much as I love jewellery!

With the launch of your bridal collection – what inspired you to create that collection?

It’s a mix of various influences- but our customers definitely had a huge voice when deciding to create a bridal collection, the relationship with our customers is very personal & I feel our followers have almost ‘grown up’ with me. I started the brand at 21 and SW fans who have supported me from the start have taken the journey with me. Moving into this time in our lives, it is a time when people are getting married, so we wanted to provide a natural evolution of jewels for our consumers to adorn them on their special day.

Have you already decided what pieces you will wear to your own wedding?

Ha! I’d be happy to just find a boyfriend at this stage! I have really enjoyed the design process for the bridal collection, all the wedding inspiration boards & clippings, it has definitely inspired my love of love & exquisite events!

You heard it here gentleman – the gorgeous lady pictured above is looking for a good man (aren’t we all?), let the queue start at her Sydney HQ or her NYC base. Check out pieces from her Heirloom collection on sale now at

Photos of the Samantha Wills Heirloom collection at the Bridal launch

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