Pleasure State’s new bra, the OMB, gives your chest a turbo boost without the surgery

We could wax lyrical about how there is so much focus on the size of a woman’s chest, but we don’t have the time to write a 1,000 word essay about it or the energy to relate it all back a pop culture reference like Mad Men or Victoria’s Secret. So instead we’re just going to let the photo above do the talking.

Meet Phoebe Griffiths, a lingerie model with a nice chest and a gorgeous face. Put on Pleasure State’s new O.M.B. (Oh My Bod – though we like to think it stands for Oh My Breasts/Boobs) Turbo Boost Plunge bra and bam, the girls got a nice perky rack. We’re usually sceptical about claims brands make to completely change or transform something, but after trying the push-up bra out for ourselves we have to agree that the Pleasure State O.M.B. bra does in fact increase my bra cup size by up to 200% and that the ‘SecretService™” suede lining made the bra very comfortable.

But how does the bra work? Simple, with padding that creates a shelf for your breasts to sit on. It’s basically taking the time honoured pushing-your-boobs-together-with-your-arms trick to a new level. Yes, push-up bras have been around for a while and this isn’t exactly a ground breaking new concept, but this isn’t our first time at the rodeo. We’ve tried on many other brands bras that make these kinds of claims, and we looked a little more adult-video-worthy than beautifully natural.

We went to the photoshoot of the O.M.B. and couldn’t help but grill Dominic Morency the Marketing Creative Director at the Bendon Group (who own Pleasure State) about the bra, and she let slip that the O.M.B bra wasn’t set to be released until well into 2012, but buyers from the Australian department store Myer insisted on getting it on shelves as soon as possible.

We also discussed colours and styles and all the other things that come with the territory of lingerie, but for girls with no real cleavage, all we want to know is – does it work? My answer is, yes. Go try it for yourself, the bra will set you back AUD$59.95 (sizes 10A – 14D) with the matching knickers $24.95 and thong $19.95. We’ll be buying a few more sets in several colours.

The Pleasure State O.M.B. Turbo Boost bra campaign images:

The Pleasure State O.M.B. Turbo Boost bra photoshoot team:

Photographer: Georges Antoni
Model: Phoebe Griffiths
Creative Concept: Onur Kece
Stylist: Dominic Morency
Hair and makeup: Kenneth Stoddart and Noni Smith

Check out our behind the scenes photos from the photoshoot on the Facebook page.

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  • Tammerly @ Pink Diva Beauty says:

    Wow that’s fantastic! I must visit the lingerie section next time I pass MYER to try an OMB bra.

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