Cate Blanchett films her first SK-II commercial in a bamboo forest

Cate Blanchett - Behind the scenes of the commercial

Cate Blanchett is a woman empowered, she seemingly has an amazing life as an actress, business woman and fashion icon. She has been the face of Japanese beauty brand SK-II for 9 years now so it seems like a bit of a surprise that the Oscar winning actress has yet to front a television commercial for the brand. But all that changed over the weekend, her first TV ad for SK-II aired on Australian television.

“We shot the commercial in the Hsitou Bamboo Forest in Taiwan,” says Blanchett about the commercial, shot my famed photographer Rankin. “It was one of the most extraordinary places on earth I have ever been in. The light was so delicate, I was in a beautiful white dress, against all the green – it was just exquisite.”

In the ad Blanchett shares the history behind the brand and the journey of discovery in a Sake brewery 30 years ago to find SK-II’s “miracle” ingredient Pitera. Glowingly smooth and perfect skin is something I think we all crave and SK-II is one of those brands who I think does an amazing job in helping you achieve it over time.

I don’t often gush about skin care products here, but I am in love with the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask. It gave me smooth skin and visibly smaller pores after the first use and their secret is Pitera, a yeast ferment filtrate of sake that contains vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids. According to SK-II they all work together to help allow the skin surface’s natural renewal process to function at its prime – and something that Blanchett credits as the product that transforms her skin to crystal clear clarity within 14 days. Though I’m guessing it helps that she has had seemingly perfect skin for years…

“When I first discovered Facial Treatment Essence, the effect that it had on my skin was quite remarkable,” Blanchett says of her experience with SK-II. “Its condition improved within a few weeks because I used it regularly, which is the key to SK-II – the benefits of using it consistently boosts the results. Within a couple of weeks, the tone of my skin was incredibly even, incredibly hydrated.”

Not the most affordable product on the market, SK-II have made it easier for you to try the “miracle” of Pitera with a great SK-II Pitera Essence Set for $99 which contains their key products: a 75ml bottle of Facial Treatment Essence, 40ml Clear Lotion and a Facial Treatment Mask. A great introductory price… or a good excuse for me to stock up while I can.

VIDEO: Cate Blanchett’s first SK-II commercial, introducing the miracle of Pitera


VIDEO: Behind the scenes of Cate Blanchett’s first SK-II commercial


Photos: Behind the scenes of Cate Blanchett’s first SK-II commercial and the SK-II $99 Pitera Essence Set

Photos and video supplied by SK-II