Behind the scene at the Milla Jovovich for 2012 Campari Calendar shoot

Ever the tease, Campari have just released behind the scenes images from the Milla Jovovich 2012 calendar shoot. Set to be officially launched next week, these behind the scenes images have been release early for us all to dissect and analyse until our hearts content. Though they don’t reveal much, Jovovich sports an afro in some pictures while there is an abundance of bright bold colours in the makeup and clothes.

The 2012 Campari Calendar starring Milla Jovovich was shot by Dimitri Daniloff and had the largest studio production in the history of the calendar. Not surprising when at least 12 looks are required, so a team of stylists, special effects people, set designers and makeup artists were needed on hand.

The calendar will be unveiled next Thursday in Milan – any one fancy getting on a plane to try and sneak into the party?

Gallery: Behind the scenes of Milla Jovovich for the Campari Calendar 2012

Photos supplied by Campari


  • Rin says:

    I thought no one would be able to top Jessica Alba, but I guess I was wrong! Damn those drinks look so refreshing, makes me want one right now 😛

  • Catherine @ The Spring says:

    She’s so fabulous… I love the colours in these shots… they’re dreamy and punchy at the same time… just like the summer heat.

    – Catherine @ The Spring

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