LFW: Burberry Prosurm gives us a beautiful Spring/Summer 2012 collection. We think.

Staying true to their status as British fashion royalty, Burberry Prosurm celebrated Christopher Bailey’s 10th year (11 Spring/Summer collections!) at the fashion house in a large glass cage, centrally located in London’s iconic Hyde Park.  The green house feel of the venue and the sporadic rays of sunshine peeking through Hyde Park’s canopy helped to create an atmosphere of British summertime however, we feel this is where the Spring/Summer association ended.

As much as we are definitely not complaining about the offerings of this collection, we do wonder, what essentially about these pieces are more Spring/Summer than Autumn/Winter?

Cara Delevigne graced the runway with the show’s first look, sporting a below-the knee purple trench dress; a canvas tote lined with teal leather; and an adorable peak cap which was topped with a big pom-pom.  The show follows with many, many varied looks ranging from a casual patterned t-shirt, which carried the very on-trend Aztec pattern; to the more sophisticated knee-length body hugging dress, featuring a mid-thigh split and ruffle detailing on the front.

Burberry’s signature excellence in outerwear saw many versions of the trench coat float across the runway.  From parkas with a fur-lined hood; a car coat shape with big collars and big sleeves; to the more traditional trench-shape – all were belted for the trench coat effect.  In addition to these, this season, we were also tempted with small fur capes draped across shoulders in a myriad of different lush colours.  Just like the pom-poms, this collection was beautiful – and enviable – should we ever see any of the pieces on somebody however, how well would they fit in a Spring/Summer wardrobe?

The majority of the looks presented on the runway were high-waisted and belted Mad Men-esque silhouettes.  Dare we say reminiscent of Louis Vuitton Autumn/Winter 2011 at Paris Fashion Week, giving the current androgyny trend a run for its money.  The collection is also rebelling against the colour block routine that has been running the fashion cycle the last few seasons, blending beautiful shades of mustard, russet and dark teal together.

As much as we are gushing over this rich collection, again we must ask – where does this all fit in the Spring/Summer spectrum?  The final walk itself saw gold and black metallic confetti float down around the models, almost resembling falling autumn leaves!

Burberry’s Spring/Summer 2012 offering brings new meaning to the words ‘wearable’ and ‘covetable’ but we are left to wonder – in which season?

Will you be wearing any of these pieces next Spring or Summer?


By Heidy Suwidji – a financial accounting analyst and all-round fashionholic, you can catch her keeping one keen eye on the latest fashionably corporate news, and the other on her favourite online shopping sites. Follow her on Twitter at @lolaswij.

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