Diane Von Furstenberg talks to bloggers about authenticity

We’ve always admired Diane Von Furstenberg, she is poised, sophisticated and wise. So when we heard she was speaking at Lucky Magazine’s Fashion & Beauty Blog Conference, we knew we would stay up late no matter what time it was here in Sydney, Australia to watch the live stream.

And she didn’t let us down with interesting tips and stories about how she started in fashion design. It was like we were sitting by a roaring fireplace as she imparted some wise words, like:

  • Most in important in life is the most important relationship you have with yourself.
  • All women should have children and an identity outside of their work. It’s very hard work.

She also spoke about how she was a blogger before she knew what a blogger was, and that truth and authenticity are core factors in her life and business.

“I was a blogger before I knew what bloggers were because I had a DVF diary on my site. It works very much for me and my brand. I believe in truth, authenticity, connectivity and dialogue.”

“I have a Twitter and I’m addicted to my Twitter. This morning I had about 274,000 followers then I wondered why it was so quiet. But then when I wrote something deep, it goes off. But when someone from my office writes something about a blouse, it’s not as popular. People might go off and buy the blouse though.”

She was inundated with questions and true to crowd in attendance, DVF was asked to show off her outfit and explain what she was wearing. We loved that she explained that she wore “nude fishnets because I am too old to not wear hose anymore”

Diane we love you!

UPDATED: Watch the who 40+ minute chat with DVF at #LuckyFABB below

Photo from @EHolmesWSJ


  • Ms Long Black says:

    Oh my, I adore DVF. I love tips like:

    she wore “nude fishnets because I am too old to not wear hose anymore”

    She IS style. Great post. =)


  • nalysale says:

    Yeah its true fashion designing need some efforts to start.Such as to join designing art and courses.

  • Byron says:

    You are talking to the proud owner of 6 DVF wrap desrses, long sleeve, half sleeve, 3/4, no sleeve..i’ve got ’em all! Worth the investment ladies, her silk jersey is cut to fit and mold a woman’s curves.

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