Video: Margherita Missoni talks about Target collection

As you’ve probably seen all over the internet and in magazines, Missoni has designed a collection for Target that ranges from womenswear, menswear and childrenswear and even into homewares. And to continue the teaser campaign leading up to the launch on September 13th, Target have released a small video in which Margherita Missoni talks about the collection.

The Missoni for Target collections 1960’s aesthetic was inspired by 1960s Italian movies:

It’s is an aesthetic that is dear to our hearts. That’s when we got our big boom outside of Italy, in the UK and America. And we decided we wanted to do that with Target.

On the use of colours and prints in the Missoni for Target collection:

Here we were really trying to put the essence into the brand, to capture what Missoni is. So we put all our classic graphics and prints into this collection.

Watch the video to hear Margherita Missoni’s charming Italian accent and catch a glimpse of the some of the video footage that was shot for the campaign. Hopefully it’s uploaded online somewhere soon because it looks adorable.