Top pick: DKNY Voyager Rain Boot

As the rainy days come and go as quickly as one of my best friends changes her nail colour, we have a shoe pick for you. Even if you’re a fan of the high heel, you can’t go past the DKNY Voyager Rain Boot for those annoying showers that the weatherman did not predict. Made to “roll, drop and go: these versatile gumboots / wellingtons are foldable, packable and lightweight so that you pull them out and slip them on… then take them off, roll them back up and put them back into their nylon mini “to go” bag and slip back into your heels when the rain stops.

Like the pair of high heels and umbrella we keep in our desk drawers for those last minute meetings or showers, we think this would be an ideal addition when the unpredictable weather rolls in, better than those heavy clunky gumboots you can’t take anywhere unless you want to carry a big bag to hold them afterwards. The DKNY Voyager Rain Boot retails at $85 from