Dior and Jil Sandler join the designer smart phone game

In a world dominated by the iPhone, Blackberry and the Android run devices, is there room for another fashion branded phone? Christian Dior and Jil Sandler think there is because both are releasing smart phones.

Dior’s phone offering will set you back a tidy €3900 for their “haute couture” touch phone – made from 99 pieces (including precious materials like sapphire crystal, steel, gold, diamond, mother-of-pearl) that are assembled by hand in a French workshop. The exterior sports Dior’s caning motif chiselled in the signature sapphire crystal.

The Dior phone comes with other pretty details: the Dior oval becomes animated each time a number is dialled and the phone also comes with its own custom leather case. We couldn’t find out what the operating system is, but it comes with the usual smart phone capabilities like GPS, camera, video recorder, MP3 player and internet browsing options.

Meanwhile, Jil Sandler are reportedly launching a smart phone with LG, much like the Prada LG pairing a few years ago we suspect.It looks sleek and will run on the Windows Mobile operating system, but no price tag has been attached yet.