Rachel Zoe to launch lipstick; joins Kate Spade in the beauty game

We love a good lip (so much so I’m starting to think I need a display case, like a jewellery stand for my growing collection) but we’re not sure what to think of a release we just received… that Rachel Zoe is launching a lipstick line called Exude.

According to the release appointments have been set with beauty editors and bloggers to meet with Zoe who will also be acting as the brands ambassador, in New York City next week. Exude is self-touted as the next big thing:

Set to look like the backstage of a runway show, editors will be introduced to the newest lipstick phenomenon in one of the most incredible settings of all time. Exude will not only win over the market with its incredible palate of lip colors, but it will forever revolutionize the way a woman applies her lipstick.

We’re curious to see it all unveil, but the other lipstick launch that has us chomping at the bit to get our hands on is Kate Spade‘s first foray into beauty. Together with Poppy King, Spade will launch a line of lipsticks called Supercalifragilipstick. Priced at around $24 the Kate Spade Supercalifragilipstick‘s will be released in September in a variety of pinks and reds.

We’re sold on Kate Spade’s lipsticks (they have the cutest names ever) but we’ll wait and see what Rachel Zoe’s Exude has in store for us.