Olivia Palermo unveiled as the face of Carrera y Carrera fine jewelry

Olivia Palermo sure know how to look pretty on the red carpet and at events – ever the diligent socialite – and now she proves that she can also look pretty as the face of Spanish fine jewelry brand, Carrera y Carrera who just named her as the face their latest collection, Mediterraneo.

Chosen because she encapsulates the Carrera y Carrera woman “young, professional and independent; one who is sophisticated and always exquisitely elegant”, Palermo was photographed in Ibiza with the sparkling Mediterranean Sea in the backdrop.

The Mediterraneo collection is a fresh and youthful collection that tells the legends of goddesses and nymphs who have dwelt in the tranquil seas of the Mediterranean with the shapes of the jewellery showing off the beautiful shapes of hidden treasures that can be found in the sea.

One of Spain’s premiere jewellers, Palermo’s new appointment will show off Carrera y Carrera to the world.

Check out all the images of Olivia Palermo for Carrera y Carrera below.

Watch Olivia Palmero in action at the photoshoot in Ibiza

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